What We Do


Step out of stress

With the help of Harmonic Sound Health you are choosing to feel the vibrations of love, peace, and harmony that flow through you.

While you relax, tonal frequencies unwind effects of painful memories, discomforting feelings, and negative thought patterns the body has carried through time. Gently and respectfully, Donna's use of sound waves amplify self-empowering attributes and a more loving view of yourself. The sensory experience reactivates a memory of wellness that supports your freedom to step out of stress into feelings of well-being. You will note the shift. Embrace it. Reclaim it. It's yours.

An energy maestro, Donna composes a sound session with tuning forks, a crystal bowl, and spontaneous lyrical melodies. She offers a calming experience that supports self-reflection, discovery and acceptance in a safe and nurturing space.

You can bring your harmony to life!

Rejuvenate your body

 Rest your mind

Restore your clarity of thought

Access your intuitive faculties


Sound frequencies and intervals have the power to soothe our central nervous system and optimize our energy flow known as Chi, Qi or Prana. Certain sounds dampen fight-or-flight stress responses while activating a restful state that best supports health and healing. Listening to the body is key. What we hear helps us select frequencies that promote our peace, calm, and relaxation.

Even one session can ground you in a neutral place where you can let go of fear, anger or distrust while addressing issues. The fresh perspective frees you to act and speak from your heart, enabling you to confidently step toward goals with new-found clarity that can benefit your life.

Donna's energy work helps remove the clutter that compromises confidence, clouds the mind, and tightens the throat.  Less tension and greater clarity helps each of us express our true voice and enter a more authentic, joy-filled relationship with ourselves and others.

… she brought an incredible amount of clarity to the sessions which helped to expand my consciousness and helped me with the decision-making…

My cervical spine was changed after the sessions. I could tell that Donna facilitated a new level of healing.

The session taught me that when we speak our truth, when our heart and mind come together, even uncomfortable conversations can turn into a wonderful learning opportunity for both parties.

Donna’s insightful questions amplified the tuning process and I relaxed, which allowed me to release my tension and organize my thoughts without judging or second-guessing myself.

A weight was lifted and I suddenly felt light and unburdened from things I wasn't previously aware were pinning me down.

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