Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we'll do our best to answer some of the most common questions our prospective clients might have about Sound Healing. Take a look at the topics below, and after reading, if there's more information you need - feel free to Contact Donna personally:

  1. What is sound healing?

  2. How will a sound session help me?

  3. How does sound healing compare to other energy work?

  4. How do I prepare for my sound session?

  5. What will I experience at a sound session?

  6. What results should I expect?

  7. Where do I go for my sound session?

  8. How do I make an appointment?

What is sound healing?

A sound healing session utilizes instruments that resonate, including the human voice and tuning forks, to produce tones of various frequency and pitch that are applied to the physical and energetic body. The purpose is to balance the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies to support cellular harmony, reduce stress, induce relaxation and stimulate healing of body, mind and spirit.

How will a sound session help me?

The sound health session helps you learn how to listen to your body and respond respectfully to its energetic vibrations. The sound session helps you release bodily tension, which allows you to open the pathway to calm relaxation that allows self-discovery and clear thinking.

How does sound healing compare to other energy work?

All energy modalities have value and most practitioners incorporate soothing music in the background to relax the body. In sound healing sessions, using specific frequencies and intervals directly on bones and tissue and in the field surrounding the body sends healing sound vibrations into the body’s sound chambers. Sound sessions complement other health-care options.

How do I prepare for my sound session?

Determine the intent for your session and share it with Donna when you arrive so that you may collaborate in achieving your goal. Think about the type of stress that you are managing and notice how you address yourself and others because of it. We will work together to help you hear and feel the difference when you speak and act from fear, guilt and shame rather than peaceful self-acceptance.
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What will I experience at a sound session?

Clients remain fully clothed and may choose to lay on a treatment table, sit in a chair, or stand and remain mobile. With permission, weighted tuning forks are placed on your head, torso, and limbs. Unweighted tuning forks are used to “comb through” the energy around your body to release dense congested vibrations. You may also receive the soothing sounds of a small gong, the deep tones of a crystal bowl, or the blessing of a light-hearted melody with lyrics that speak to the beauty that you are.

What results should I expect?

Results vary of course. At the very least, you feel relaxed. At the highest level, you gain actionable insights that allow you stay in tune with and manage your energy fluctuations allowing you to stay calm and balanced.

Where do I go for my sound session?

Donna's studio is located near Northwest Crossing in the west side of Bend. She meets clients here and also engages in remote sessions from her studio.

How do I make an appointment?

To reserve time for a 60-minute or 75-minute sound session. Call Donna directly at 408/505-9254. Please contact Donna to answer your questions or concerns. She is most happy to talk with you about sound healing and how it can help you improve your well-being.

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