Donna Wolf’s Story

Disharmony at a young age

During adolescence, my parents often said, Donna wears her heart on her sleeve. I wanted everyone to engage in kindness, was prone to tears when interactions were less than respectful, and after meals my behavior ranged from bubbly and happy to dull and agitated. In the 60s, our family circle knew zip about the relationship between food and mood, effects of asthma medications on the nervous system, hypoglycemia, or how the body stores memories, both nurturing and tragic.

Their antidotes then were simply:  We love you…settle down… lighten up…control yourself…live with it. My question was how?  I wanted to learn from my experiences and fears. I wanted to figure out cause and effect. I wanted to solve the puzzle that was ME.

My introduction to energy

In 1984, married, raising our daughter, and pregnant with our son, I was nervous… and distressed about being so nervous. My life was good; Why didn’t I feel good?

My best friend referred me to an acupressure practitioner to help me gain insights about my health so I could relax and enjoy my family. While Hallie pressed into points on my right shoulder and hip, a mysterious energy surged through my body from head to toe. A vision surfaced of a scene with my father who had passed when I was 14, and I burst into tears.  What the heck did you just do to me, I exclaimed.  Hallie softly replied, Nothing dear. Energy in your body is flowing and releasing stored tension. Breathe. This moment marked my entry into a journey of three decades that has led to sweet self-discovery, energy training, collaboration with the guiding presence of God’s Sound and Light, and love-filled respect for the divine design of body, mind and spirit.

Feeling the healing power of sound

In 2004, while addressing a long-time health issue, an angelic voice whispered what I call happy heart songs to lift my spirits. Loving vibrations filled my body as I sang the lyrics and played the melodies on my piano. Cleansing tears flowed because I felt the truth of these love songs, one of which I credit for my recovery. Partial lyrics are included here, as they speak to the essence of our being and the value of Sound Healing, Toning, and Tuning.

I am made of Light & Sound

Love flows within me and all around

I am made of Light & Sound

Beautiful in every way.

All my atoms are the notes that I can play

Orchestrated in a special way

Light reflects the song of Love inside of me.

Look and listen – you will see.

I can always change the music that I play

In whatever I think do or say.

Light reflects the song of Love inside of me.

Look and listen – you will see.

Light & Sound created me!

© Donna Wolf 2004


Pursuing my sound studies in earnest

In 2013, after 30 years of spiritual practices with Sound and Light, I was compelled to learn more about the science of healing with sound. In conjunction with my holistic care, energy exercises, and spiritual practices,  my study of sound and vibration is helping me further the presence of peace in my body, mind, and spirit. Each day, I invite my body to sing me awake with its messages of wisdom so I can more respectfully nurture all aspects of my health and well-being.

I’m honored to serve my clients as they too choose to unwind effects of stress, change the tune of self-talk, listen to their inner wisdom, and enjoy being uplifted by the love songs within themselves. I truly believe that tuning to greater harmony within the atoms of our being allows us the freedom to return to peace, again and again.

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