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Donna Wolf

Energy Resonance Practitioner
Phone: 408-505-9254

Harmonic Sound Health, 2014-present
Owner & Principal

Provides sound healing services based on 35 years of intense study and extensive work in life-force energy management, Reiki and acupressure modalities. Employs sound tools that help us let go all that is not ours to carry and let in all that is ours to receive.*  Empowers the choice to honor energy fluctuations as beneficial information we can use to advantage for personal well-being.

(*excerpt from Gloria Lionz's Circle of Grace, an invocation used during sessions.)


Sound Healing & Therapy Certification

  • Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, multiple teachers, 2014

Applied Study in Vocal & Tuning Fork Support for Health and Wellness

  • Bio-Field Tuning and Level 1 Certification, with Eileen McKusick, 2014-2017
  • Voice as Medicine and Sacred Significance of Sound, with Vickie Dodd, 2014-2016
  • Zobet/Solfeggio & Earthing Tuning Fork training with Eeshi-Ra Hart 2014-present

Life Energy Management Modalities

  • Mind Valley Academy personal evolution courses, 2012-present
  • Intuitive Art & Science of Managing Life Energy, 1987-present
  • 3rd Degree Reiki Master Practitioner, 1997 and 2016
  • Reiki volunteer, St. Charles Hospital Cancer Center Integrative Therapy program, Bend OR,  2016-present
  • Sound, Color and Geometry, with Randy Masters, 2014-2015,
  • Divine Openings, with Lola Jones, 2013-2014
  • Soul Power Institute, with Dr. Zhi Gong Sha, 2009-2011
  • Matrix Energetics, with Dr. Richard Bartlett, 2008
  • Anatomy of the Spirit & personal evolution conferences, with Carolyn Myss, 1998-2008
  • Personal Energy Management, with Dr. Glenda Jeong, 2000
  • Person-Centered Expressive Therapy, with Natalie Rogers, 1990
  • Jin Shin Do Acupressure certification, 1987-1990
  • Joe Dispenza Personal Evolution Courses


15 years supporting youth in public education environments

Instructional aide, writing tutor, resident Grow Your Greatness storyteller, substitute teacher

Creator of life-skills youth program entitled Grow Your Greatness: Cultivate Healthy Self Expression, Your Choices Make a Difference. Served 4,000 students, grades K-12 to develop social self-responsibility when faced with emotional and physical energy fluctuations. Developed Peaceful Learning Principles that engaged youth in discussions about cause and effect. Extensive experience co-writing youth seminar activities.

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