Calm the physical body and reduce effects of stress

Harmonic Sound Health sessions employ an array of weighted and unweighted tuning forks, which the sound healing community has determined beneficial to release stress and support vitality in organs. Donna primarily uses weighted frequencies of 111 Hz, 128 Hz and 64 Hz to address the nervous system, musculature, bones, and organs. If you are interested in knowing more about the specific frequencies, Donna can refer you to numerous resources.

Benefits will:

  • Enhance feelings of centered presence
  • Release muscular tension
  • Calm the nervous system

Exploring physical sensations and low energy through sound is an excellent first step. It allows you to contemplate and possibly release long-standing patterns of tension that you thought you’d have to live with. Your relaxed state is also ideal for recognizing insights about steps toward greater self-care so you can mitigate stress.