What We Know

Enhance Mental and Spiritual Clarity

Enhance mental and spiritual clarity

Sound sessions are meditative by design, and quickly quiet mind chatter. As your body relaxes, your awareness is free to rise above the noise of negative self-talk. Entering this higher perspective, beyond the rigors of daily demands, is the beginning of a change in your consciousness. It allows you to recognize your true loving nature, your creative brilliance and resourcefulness, and the inner clarity that guides your steps toward goals with greater ease.

Benefits include:

  • Embrace self-acceptance, self-love, and inner peace
  • Perceive solutions and appreciate your growth
  • Celebrate the blessings your presence provides to your community

Honestly, you are a living library of spiritual insights. The tuning forks act like keys that open a sacred vault within which your own wisdom is at the ready. Whether it is offered as a song, an image, or a dialog, the gift is golden and will support your evolution.

Regain Emotional Lightness

Regain emotional lightness – Release guilt, shame and fear.

Harmonic Sound Health sessions follow the protocol of Eileen McKusick’s Bio-Field Tuning research in which unweighted forks are “combed” through the energy field to find and release stored imprints of energetic trauma that contribute to our emotional vulnerability. Musical intervals are also used and weighted forks are placed on the body where the emotional tension has caused physical stress.

Benefits include:

  • Release effects of guilt, shame, and sorrow
  • Experience forgiveness and renewed freedom to move forward
  • Gain fresh perspective that upgrades our attitudes

Since emotional stress is found to be a precursor for many physical imbalances, the value of using sound to regain peace of mind and body is tremendous. If you are interested in knowing more about the specific frequencies, Donna can refer you to numerous resources.

Calm the physical body and reduce effects of stress

Harmonic Sound Health sessions employ an array of weighted and unweighted tuning forks, which the sound healing community has determined beneficial to release stress and support vitality in organs. Donna primarily uses weighted frequencies of 111 Hz, 128 Hz and 64 Hz to address the nervous system, musculature, bones, and organs. If you are interested in knowing more about the specific frequencies, Donna can refer you to numerous resources.

Benefits will:

  • Enhance feelings of centered presence
  • Release muscular tension
  • Calm the nervous system

Exploring physical sensations and low energy through sound is an excellent first step. It allows you to contemplate and possibly release long-standing patterns of tension that you thought you’d have to live with. Your relaxed state is also ideal for recognizing insights about steps toward greater self-care so you can mitigate stress.

The Value of Sound Healing

Donna’s energy work removes the “clutter” that triggers anxiety and pain, compromises confidence, clouds the mind and tightens the throat. Less tension and greater clarity helps each of us express our true voice and enter a more authentic, joy-filled relationship with our self and others. Holistic providers attuned to the use of audible sound as a healing tool recognize its value as an energetic complement to their clients’ health-care choices.

Donna uses 18 Solfeggio tuning forks, and nine frequencies from 111-999 and intervals, to help clients tune in to their ability to express themselves with greater ease at home and at work, in school and community.

Benefits of vibrational “tune-ups” include:

Physical Energy System

  • Feel centered and purposely present
  • Restore Qi flow through meridians and chakras
  • Learn energy awareness and balancing skills

Physical Support

  • Transform response to stress
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Release muscular tension

Emotional Support

  • Release effects of guilt, shame, sorrow
  • Forgive and move forward
  • Regain a light-hearted attitude

Mental Support

  • Engage nurturing thoughts and self-talk
  • Birth creative ideas more easily
  • Communicate intentions with clarity

Spiritual Support

  • Feel acceptance, self-love, inner peace
  • Integrate the value of life experiences
  • Celebrate your blessings