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The mission of Harmonic Sound Health is to help you bring feelings of harmony to body, mind, and spirit, revealing a more relaxed, authentic, expressive you.

Donna Wolf – Founder,  Harmonic Sound Health

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Donna Wolf's Story

Clients and loved ones describe Donna as compassionate, intuitive and grounded. When you meet her, you’ll understand. You’ll feel safe and cared for when you engage with her healing presence. She is an exuberant soul with tremendous compassion for the struggles we all face as human beings. Learn more about Donna

If physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual distress limit your life’s bounty, Donna can help you shift to the stillness that helps you reorient. With keen intuition she finds the tones that resonate with your natural frequency of ease and happiness. This harmonious vibration gives you access to a more neutral and confident foundation from which to express yourself .

Meet Donna

Donna Wolf is the owner and chief energy practitioner of Harmonic Sound Health. Her highest aspiration is to help adults and youth tune into and partner with the greater harmony that exists in the atoms of their being.


The Sound is All Around

Founder & CEO

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